* Located in prime area of ​​Belém, with easy access to services, transportation and tourist places, MAMA HOSTEL offers you the

   best value for money in the city.

* For your comfort it offers services of transfer to the airport, laundry and convenience.

* Ideal for business or tourism trips alone, with family or groups.

* It offers shared and private accommodation where you find security, cleanliness and comfort.

* You also have a good breakfast included in the room rate, as well as a full kitchen, air conditioning in all rooms, Wi-Fi, Internet, D-33 

   mattresses, security drawers and internal circuitry with remote recording cameras.

* In partnership with tour operators, it provides you with access to packages for the tourist attractions of Belém and all of Pará State.

Belém, Pará, the capital of Amazon is an unforgetable place, a feast of colors and exotic & irresistible flavours. Come and live this experience. Experience this metropolis  inserted in an exuberant spectacle of nature with giant rivers that you can’t see their ends, wonderful beaches, animals that you only see here and, of course, the green of the Amazon.